new client information

Hello, Thank you for your interest in our salon.  If you are a new client here are a few things that will help you:


Although here at Roots & Co. we work as a team and are excited for you to join our client/stylist family, we are all independent stylists and do our own booking and pricing. Therefore calling or emailing to get pricing is difficult for whom ever is answering the call or email, as we would have to look up each stylists pricing and give you specific pricing. The easiest way for you to get pricing is to visit our stylists page and click on each individual stylist's page.  This way you can get to know our stylists and choose one that you feel fits you best.  Then you will be able to check out that stylists pricing on their page.  


If you are a new client and you don’t have a specific stylist request you can go to the book now button and you will be directed to our online booking page.  At this point you can select a specific service you’d like and the time frame and it will give you some time and date options to choose from.  All though not all of our stylist allow online booking the stylists with the soonest available times will.  


If you are new to Roots & Co. but have been referred to a specific stylist that you’d like to book with then you can go to that stylists page and you will see instructions on how to book with that stylist.  If a stylist doesn’t do online booking the preferred method is usually through text.


Here at Roots & Co. we strive to make our guests feel comfortable and at home.  We have coffee, tea, water, soda and some snacks that you can help yourself to during your visit.  We also offer free Wifi and Ace, our salon therapy dog will always greet you with a wag.  


If you have further questions please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.  Thanks for stopping by our page and we can’t wait to meet you.