Cori lynn


About Cori lynn

I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist ever since I was a kid.  Barbies, dolls, friends, neighbor kids, you name it, if it had hair, I was doing my thing! As I got older I knew that I wanted a career that was creative but offered flexible hours that would fit a family life style. 

I decided to start Beauty School while I was still a senior in High School because I couldn't wait to get my dream started. Since that day I have continued to learn, experiment, and experience in hair. In this business, like most, there is always something new to learn. I continue to attend workshops, classes and learn from my fellow stylists to keep up on the ever changing trends and styles. 

While my kids were in school I had a salon in the basement of our house. Later, I moved on to work in various salons in Bountiful. Now years later, with my kids starting adventures of their own I thought it was the perfect time to open a brand new salon in Davis County. 

Because of my many years of experience in the industry, I have gained a very good sense of what style my clients will love based on their personality and lifestyle. No matter the age, I am able to connect with my clients and make them feel at ease and enjoy their time in my chair. 

If you are ready to have the hair you've always wanted, click on the link and book your appointment today!

accepting new clients during daytime hours only

price list

cutting services

mens cut/$37

women's cut dry or wet/$43 

women's cut and style/$59

curly cut/$65

cut with color/$25

kids cut(under 10/kids of existing clients only)/$27

color services

root touch up/$85+

all over color/$110+

mini highlight(10-15 Foils)/$85+ (toner is extra $20)

partial highlight/$110+ (toner is extra $20)

full highlight/$140+ (toner is extra $20)

root touch up with foils/$135+ (toner is extra $20)


toner with color service/$25

toner as stand alone service/$50

*These are starting prices. All color services can go up depending

on time, amount of hair, and product used*

hair extensions

new install/$160 for two rows installed and blended (cost of hair additional)

*Longer than 10 weeks between move ups is considered a new install*

existing hair and beads/$55 per row

other chemical treatments

permanent wave/$130+

keratin smoothing treatment/$170


wash and style/$30+

intense luxury deep conditioning treatment/$25-$45

**New Clients, When booking online please choose:

Block A: for cut and style

Block B: for root touch up covering gray with cut and blow dry or just blow dry

Block C:  for a mini or partial highlight with cut and blow dry or just blow dry

Block D:  for a full highlight or balayage with a cut and blow dry or just blow dry

Block E:  for a total color change, color correction or vivid fashion color**

*Please note that all prices are the starting price point. The final price will be
determined by time spent and amount of product used to create the results we have discussed*

**Also please note that a 24 hour cancellation policy is now in place. If not given the courtesy of a 24 hour cancellation, you will be charged 50% of the service price.**

Instagram: @hairbycorilynn